Friday, April 8, 2011

Draft test #3

Thank you Judges Ruth Nielsen and Sue Sanvido!

Open Draft

(302) Brechbuhler’s Entitled to it All DD

(303)  Heavensent Ty of the Bernese Garden

(304) Edgeside’s Karma CD, RE, OA, NAP, NJP, OF, NDD, HCT

(305) Wildridge Big Bang TDX, NDD

Brace Novice

(310) Can/Intl CH Ebnet’s Karma CD, RE, NDD, Can/ CD, RAE
&  Am/Can/Intl CH Ebnet’s Una CD, RAE, NDD, BNDD, Can/ CD, RE, DD

(312) CH Kaibab’s Enter From the East TDX, CD, DD
&   CH Kaibab’s Bright Angel UD, NA, TD, NAP, NJP, VCD1, RA, BDD


(315) Wagontale’s Quite a Catch CDX, RE, MX, MXJ, OAP, AJP, OF, DD, WDX

(319) Rosewood’s Leave it to Weaver

(323) Brechbuhler’s Ember

(324) Betruf Ajax MDD, BDD, RN

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